Terms of Service

1. Registration and conclusion of contract

With its written or verbal registration, the contractual partner, hereinafter referred to as the customer, makes a binding offer to conclude a travel contract. This registration applies to group programs for the entire group and the claims arising from the booking. By registering, the customer accepts the general terms and conditions. The booking becomes binding as soon as the ordered service has been provided by “IKSF | Interactive creative Service Frankenberer “ , hereinafter also referred to as the organizer, is confirmed in writing, by fax, by e-mail or verbally.

2. Payment

Payment for the service is made after the event by invoice or in cash without any deductions.

3. Services and Changes in Services

The scope of the contractual services results from the service description of the organizer. Subsidiary agreements require written confirmation by “IKSF | Interactive creative service Frankenberer “ . The omission of individual parts of the service does not entitle the holder to withhold the contract amount or to a partial deduction, provided that the reasons are not “IKSF | Interactive creative service Frankenberer “ are to be represented. If the organizer is responsible for the omission of individual services, he has the right to replace these services with other services of equal value. The organizer is obliged to inform the customer of this. If necessary, the organizer will offer the customer a free rebooking or a free cancellation.

4. Withdrawal by the customer

The customer can withdraw at any time before the start of the booked event. The receipt of the declaration of withdrawal by the “IKSF | Interactive creative service Frankenberer “ . The withdrawal must be made in writing. If the customer withdraws from the contract or fails to keep an agreed appointment without first withdrawing from the contract, the organizer can demand appropriate compensation. “IKSF | Interactive creative service Frankenberer “ can calculate the damage specifically or, at its discretion, assert a flat-rate claim for compensation.

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In addition, when using external services, the general terms and conditions of the service provider apply, in particular with regard to the payment and cancellation conditions.

5. Withdrawal and termination by “IKSF | Interactive creative service Frankenberer “

“IKSF | Interactive creative service Frankenberer “ can withdraw from the contract in the following cases:

6. Liability

“IKSF | Interactive creative service Frankenberer is liable as the organizer for the conscientious preparation of the events, the careful selection and monitoring of the service providers, the correctness of the service description and the proper provision of the contractually agreed service. “IKSF | Interactive creative service Frankenberer “ is not liable for services that are mediated as third-party services from other service providers (e.g. tours from other providers, visits to the theatre, museum or exhibitions, train, bus or ship taxi rides, etc.) and which are expressly marked as third-party services in the event description. There is no liability for burglary or theft. We therefore recommend taking out luggage insurance. The customer or the participants in a customer’s group are liable for any damage caused by or to the items he/she is carrying.

7. Duty to Cooperate

The customer or the participants in a group of the customer are obliged to cooperate in the event of service disruptions within the framework of the statutory provisions, to avoid any damage or to keep it to a minimum. The customer or the participants in a group of the customer are particularly obliged to report any complaints to the “IKSF | Interactive creative service Frankenberer “ .

8. Privacy

The customer agrees that the data provided for the processing of the agreed service will continue to be used by “IKSF | Interactive creative service Frankenberer “ used for customer service. This data will not be passed on to third parties in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act.

9. Invalidity of Individual Provisions

The invalidity of individual provisions of the General Terms and Conditions or the travel contract does not result in the invalidity of the entire contract.

10. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction

Place of performance and sole place of jurisdiction is Passau.